Did You Know These Facts About Birds?

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Did you know that there are over 10,000 species of birds 🐦 on our planet, each with its unique characteristics and behaviors?

Some of these little creatures are skilled at flying through the skies, while others are adept swimmers or lightning-fast runners. And then some can even dive deep into the ocean, making them truly fascinating to observe.

Here are some amazing bird facts that are sure to amaze you and make you appreciate them even more.

Birds Fly together, Stay together

Have you seen the flight patterns of birds, they always fly together in a group called a flock in a “V” or “U” shape usually led by the strongest bird. The reason behind this is aerodynamics that helps to birds fly faster and longer when they fly together in a group.

When the leader bird flaps its wings, it creates an updraft that helps the bird behind it to fly faster and longer. when the leader bird gets tired, another bird from the flock takes its place to lead the flock to its destination.

Additionally, they can also protect themselves from predators and other threats when they fly together in a group. Isn’t it amazing teamwork?

Birds Fly together, Stay together, birds fact
Photo by Gary Bendig on Unsplash

Birds are Descendants of Dinosaurs

Do you know that birds are descendants of dinosaurs? Yes, you read it right.

Birds are descendants of dinosaurs. They evolved from small dinosaurs called theropods and survived the mass extinction that wiped out all other dinosaurs because of their ability to fly, small size and survival skills.

So next time when you see a bird, remember that they belong to the dinosaur family so don’t mess with them.

Birds can speak the Human Language

Most of the birds have good vocal skills and can mimic human and animal sounds. Some of them can even speak human language.

Parrots are the best example of this. They can speak human language and can mimic other sounds. They can also learn new words and sentences.

talking birds, birds fact
Photo by Annie Lang on Unsplash

They are the best singers

Birds are the best singers, thus there is a phrase “Sing like a bird”. They make different sounds, to communicate, mark their territory, alert other birds and attract their mates.

Have you ever heard birds singing in the morning? If not, then you should wake up early in the morning and listen to them. It’s a beautiful experience and will make your day ☺️.

talking birds, birds fact
Photo by Frames For Your Heart on Unsplash

Birds are the best Architects

Have you seen birds nest? They make visually appealing and incredibly strong nests using leaves, twigs, mud, and saliva that can last for years.

The nest is home for birds, they lay eggs and raise their young ones in the nest and protect them from predators. It’s an example of great evolution and engineering.

bird nest, birds fact
Photo by Hersh Chauhan on Unsplash

Birds are best at Navigation

Birds are best at navigation and good at remembering routes. They can travel thousands of miles to reach their destination while migrating and can come back to the same place next year. They use the sun, stars, and magnetic fields to navigate.

In ancient times, sailors used to have birds on ships to find land and navigate. They used to release birds and follow them to find land.

Pigeons are the best example of this, they can find their way back home from thousands of miles away. They were used to deliver messages in ancient times when there were no mobile phones and the Internet. They were also used in wars to deliver messages faster to the destination.

flying birds | birds fact | walk into the wild
Photo by Mehdi Sepehri on Unsplash

Birds are the Best Parents

Birds are the best parents, they take care of their young ones by feeding and protecting them from predators, and sometimes they sacrifice their life to protect their young ones. They guide their young ones through migration and teach them how to fly, hunt, and survive.

best parents in the world | birds fact | walk into the wild
Photo by Fabrizio Frigeni on Unsplash

Birds are seed dispersers

Birds are great seed dispersers, They eat fruits, flowers, and seeds and then disperse them through their poop. They help in the growth of plants and trees and maintain the ecosystem.

Birds can see magnetic fields

Birds can see magnetic fields around the earth, They have vision based ‘Magnetoreception’ that helps them to navigate.

Imagine if you could see the magnetic field of the Earth, how much easier it would be to navigate! This is a superpower that birds have, allowing them to fly thousands of kilometers during migration without a map or compass.

Isn’t it fascinating?

Birds don’t have teeth

have you ever seen a bird with teeth? Of course not, otherwise, it would be a dinosaur and not a bird.

Birds don’t have teeth, they have to break the food with their beak and then swallow it. They also swallow small stones to help them digest food. Isn’t it make them unique?

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds

Hummingbirds are the smallest birds in the world, they are so small that they can fit in your palm but they are very fast and can fly more than 80 km/h. They are also the only birds that can fly backward.

Birds are in danger

More than 13% of the world’s birds are in danger of extinction. The main reason for this is the loss of habitat, hunting, and climate change caused by humans. we need to take care of birds and their habitat to save them from extinction.

Conclusion and Author’s Note

Birds are perfect being on earth, they are colourful, diverse, intelligent, and beautiful. They are the best singers, architects, and navigators. Do you like clicking pictures of birds? If yes, then share your pictures on Twitter and tag WITW Official and we will feature your pictures on our website and social media handles. If you are not on Twitter, you can send us your pictures on Instagram.

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